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Minecraft Super Computer – No more Lag

I decided to help my 10 year old out with his laggy Minecraft. He uses a decent all-in-one PC, but it can’t hang with his adding, playing and testing new Minecraft mods daily. So, we both built a super ultimate Minecraft playing computer together. It is geting way over 100 frames per second in Minecraft with the settings on max. If I knock the settings down some, it can reach over 400 FPS with no problem.

As soon as I get the video together I will post it. With a 5Ghz processor, 16GB RAM and liquid cooling, it is a pretty awesome setup; and not too pricey.


Maytag Maxima error codes E02 F08

I fixed my side loading Maytag Maxima washing machine today. I will post a video on it soon. Kept getting the error E02 F08. It wouldn’t wash the clothes, sometimes it would happen right away and sometimes it would happen 30 minutes into the wash. It got worse and worse, so I was forced to figure out the problem and fix it. If you have this problem, stay tuned.