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Windows 10 on iMac 5k Benchmarks

I have been using Windows 10 now for a few days on the new Retina iMac with the 5k resolution. Everything is running smoothly. I played a few games, recorded some videos, used movie maker to edit them and everything works great. Now I decided to run the same benchmarks I ran on the OS X side. It actually scoresĀ better on the windows 10 side. Watch: Remember this is an iMac 5k with the i7 processor and the m295x video card. I also upgraded it to 16GB ram. Here are the numbers: GeekBench Couldn’t run kept crashing NovaBench Score 1913 CPU 904 GPU 730 FPS 1944 Cinebench GPU 120 CPU 805 Unigine Heaven FPS 31.5 Score 795 All benchmarks were higher except for the CPU score on NovaBench. Another thing to consider out the iMac 5k is that it scored in the top 10 CPUs and GPUs of NovaBench and higher than the new MacPro. Crazy.

Windows 10 on iMac 5k Benchmark | i7-4790k m295x 16gb